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The note of our Founders

In a nation where the future lies in the hands of our youth, we recognise the critical role that schools play in shaping not just the academic prowess but also the overall well-being of our students. The idea behind School Health Pro was born out of a deep understanding of the challenges that educational institutions face in fostering a healthy and nurturing environment.

Growing up in India, I witnessed firsthand the potential for positive change that could be unlocked by prioritising the health and well-being of our students. The lack of comprehensive health programs in schools became evident, and that realisation became the driving force behind the creation of School Health Pro.

Our journey is rooted in a vision - a vision where every school in India becomes a beacon of health, where students not only excel academically but also thrive in their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We believe that a holistic approach to health education is the key to unlocking the full potential of our future leaders.

At School Health Pro, we are not just a company; we are a community of passionate individuals dedicated to bringing about positive change. We understand the unique challenges that schools face, and our commitment is to provide tailored solutions that empower educators, engage parents, and enrich the lives of students.

We envision a future where health is not a luxury but a fundamental right for every student. Our approach is holistic, by fostering awareness, bringing the best doctors to your doorstep, integrating technology, and building collaborative partnerships to ensure that no school is left behind in the journey towards a healthier, happier, and more resilient generation.

Join us on this transformative journey. Together, let's redefine the standards of school health in India and pave the way for a brighter, healthier future.

Meet our Founders

Dr Vivek Bhagat


Dr Tanmay Motiwala

MD, MBBS, MCh Pediatric Surgery (AIIMS)

Dr Vivek Kumar

MBBS, MD, DM Neonatology (AIIMS Delhi)

Ranjeet Gupta

B Tech, IP Univ.

Dr Aman Verma


Dr Radhey Singh

MBBS, MS, SR (AIIMS Jodhpur)

Dr Sourabh Sushant

BDS (Hons)

Team Members:

  1. Dr. Vivek Kumar, MBBS, MD, DM, Neonatology, AIIMS Delhi
  2. Dr. Harshita Bamnawat, MBBS, MD, AIIMS Delhi
  3. Dr. Jyoti Bhutani, MBBS, MD, SMS Jaipur
  4. Dr. Lokesh Choudhary, MBBS, MD, PGI Chandigarh
  5. Dr. Doreswamy C, MBBS, MD, AIIMS
  1. Dr. Shruti Tambe, MBBS, MD, DNB, Nair Hospital, Mumbai
  1. Dr. Meghna Dewan, MDS, Periodontics, AIIMS
  2. Dr. Swati Priya, MDS, Preventive and Pediatric Dentistry
  3. Dr. Ashish Choudhary, MDS, Endodontics, AIIMS
  4. Dr. Sourabh Sushant, BDS (Hons)
  5. Dr. Keerthana Gowthaman, MDS, AIIMS Delhi
  6. Dr. Divya Jain, BDS
  7. Dr. Divya Dasani, BDS
  8. Dr. Pooja Tomar, BDS
  9. Dr. Niraj Kumar Jaiswal, BDS
  1. Dr. Tushar K Panda, MBBS, MD, AIIMS, Ex SR- NIMHANS
  2. Dr. Aditya Agrawal, MBBS, MD, KGMU Lucknow
  3. Dr. Madhu Vamsi G, MBBS, MD, Hyderabad
  4. Dr. Apurva Mehra, MBBS, MD, GMCH, Udaipur
  5. Tanisha Railkar, Psychologist, Queen’s University, Northern Ireland
  1. Dr. Palak Dewan, MBBS, MS, Dehradun
  2. Dr. Kalika Dubey, MBBS, MS, SGPGI Lucknow
  1. Dr. Ravi Mudugal, MBBS, MD, DNB, FRUGHS, AIIMS
  1. Dr. Ram Khemka, MBBS, MS, Raipur
  1. Dr. Aman Verma, MBBS, MS, AIIMS
  2. Dr. Anubhav Raj, MBBS, MS, AIIMS
  3. Dr. Nitika Goyal, MBBS, MS, AIIMS
  1. Dr. Anupam Ranjan, MBBS, MD, AIIMS Delhi
  1. Dr. Satish Yadav, MBBS, MD, AIIMS
  1. Dr. Vishwanath Jha, MBBS, MD, AIIMS
  1. Dr. Vivek Bhagat, MBBS, MS, AIIMS
  2. Dr. Radhey Singh, MBBS, MS, SR AIIMS
  1. Shreya Shah, Clinical Nutritionist, Mumbai
  1. Dr. Vivek Kumar, MBBS, MD, DM, Neonatology, AIIMS Delhi
  2. Dr. Tanmay Motiwala, MBBS, MCh, Pediatric Surgery, AIIMS
  3. Dr. Shubham Sharma, MBBS, MD, DM, Cardiology, AIIMS
  4. Dr. Deepika Saroha, MBBS, MD, DM, Neurology, AIIMS
  1. Shreya Shah, Head Content Team
  2. Aditya Shah, Mentor
  3. Dr. Tanmay Motiwala
  4. Dr. Jyoti Bhutani
  5. Dr. Vivek Kumar
  6. Dr. Gourav Lalla

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