Our Mission

The well-being of students is of paramount importance, and schools play a crucial role in nurturing the physical and mental health of their students. However, there exists a significant gap in the implementation of comprehensive health programs within educational institutions. Recognising this, School Health Pro aims to address these gaps and revolutionize school health initiatives across the country.

Challenges Faced by Schools

Inadequate Awareness

School administrators, teachers, and parents are sometimes unaware of the importance of a structured and integrated school health and wellness program and its positive impact on students’ well-being and long-term benefit in academics and life beyond the classroom.

Fragmented Approach

Existing health programs in schools often operate in isolation, focusing on specific health aspects rather than adopting a holistic approach. This fragmented strategy leads to poor health outcomes and inadequate learning environment for school children.

Lack of trained doctors & medical staff in the schools

With most doctors and medical staff and resources allocated towards treating and caring for the sick in the hospital setting, only a handful of doctors are willing to prioritize the preventive school health program.

Limited Technology Integration

With the advancement of technology, there is a need for schools to embrace digital solutions that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of health programs.

Our Approach

School Health Pro envisions a future where every school in India has access to a comprehensive and integrated health program that promotes the overall well-being of students. Our goal is to bridge the existing gaps in healthcare delivery and empower schools with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to prioritise and implement effective health initiatives.

Quality Benchmark

Delivering the most comprehensive school health program in India that is on par with Global Standards and setting a new benchmark of excellence.

Awareness Campaigns

We believe in the power of awareness. School Health Pro is committed to conducting extensive awareness campaigns among school administrators, teachers, and parents.

Technology Integration

To overcome the limitations posed by traditional methods, School Health Pro integrates cutting-edge technology into its health solutions. Our digital platforms and tools ensure seamless communication, monitoring, and evaluation of health programs, fostering a more connected and data-driven approach.

Collaborative Partnerships

We actively seek partnerships with educational institutions, government bodies, and health organisations to create a collaborative ecosystem. By joining forces, we aim to pool resources, expertise, and ideas to create a more significant impact on school health programs. Our experts do seek regular feedback from various mentors at AIIMS.